beyondme challenges youth and young adults to make a difference for others in dissadvantage. We challenge young people to:

  • discover their talents & passions
  • identify local and global problems
  • participate in shaping a better world
  • develop pathways & solutions




To challenge young Australians to discover their gifts and talents, and engage and contend against local and global problems.





We seek to learn and discover in all that we do, acknowledging that the journey is often as important as the destination, and that we have much to learn from the cultures and peoples we engage with.



We recognize that nothing worth having comes easily, and we value the role of struggle and perseverance in shaping our character, our projects and the communities we engage with.



We believe that the future is there to be shaped, problems can be solved and tomorrow can be better than today.



We embrace differrent approaches to problem solving, because we recognize that today's innovation is the solution for tomorrow.


We contend for the dignity of our fellow people in the world, and respond with compassion to the problems that hold individuals & communities from a larger life.


We value generosity & sacrifice as the highest form of humanity; we seek opportunities for young Australians to experience and contribute to this firsthand