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beyondme was birthed out of action and passion. A challenge by a respected Educator to young people to make their mark in the world in the belief that when they were exposed to the problems we observe in the world they inturn could find better solutions. In 2006 a group of Students and Teachers journeyed to South Africa looking for adventure, opportunity and a context to help orphans. The group was profoundly impacted by their journey. Ross Whelan a School Prinicpal, who was integral in organising this adventure, returned to engage his network to create opportunities  that would allow more young people to have a similar experiences. A small group of Parents who had witnessed the outcomes of this respected Educator formed beyondme the organisation. It was formed in the context of a lifelong journey; it is only by going, risking, dreaming and serving that true difference can result. The first Kokoda Challenge took place in October 2006 and the dream became reality and since then many seeds have been cast into the wind to start similar journeys.



beyondme is a vision statement, meant to inspire, challenge and to look forward. It is other person directed, and challenges the assumptions of corporate and consumer Australia, to embrace humility, to sacrifice for others and to persevere against challenges and problems. beyondme is fuelled by optimism; that the future can be different, that together we can accomplish more and that our efforts can make a tangible difference in the lives of others. beyondme calls us to take part in events and struggles that surround us - whether they are local, national, or international. At this point in world history we cannot continue to be takers only, consumers only, lawmakers or pleasure seekers only.



To date we have seen over 150 people complete the Kokoda Challenge, and sent two teams to Kenya in Africa. We are networkers, facilitators, partners and supporters of people and projects. An outcome of our Kokoda Challenge is the ambitious Kokoda Community Education Project specifically to build the first High School on the Track at Kokoda. In this project we are continuing to work with world renowned architects, local educators and the Kokoda Community and PNG Government to provide a sustainable working high school in Kokoda. Locally, we're working with high school students and young adults to encourage self-awareness, develop their talents and challenge them to get involved in life changing experiences, both at home and abroad.

Our story is still being written; because the future awaits...