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Our High School Seminars are a great investment in the lives of students


From where we are sitting, young people across Australia are well aware of their flaws and shortcomings; far too many young Australians suffer the effects of depression, bullying & more in-depth conditions like eating disorders or self-harm. Have you noticed that we have more language to describe whats wrong with us than ever before?


We don't have the solution to all of those problems, but we believe that regardless of these barriers, young people can still live an astounding life filled with purpose, meaning & even joy. Our mission is to help them to see the brilliant contribution they can make & help them live a bigger life. Along the way, we also help young people reflect on the best parts of themselves; their natural talents & gifts that can be used to propell them forward.


These seminars represent what we believe to the very best of leadership development and character formation for young people in Australia. Our team works to create a unique learning environment where every young person can engage, regardless of any barriers that may have been placed in their way previously. Our  facilitators have a total of 3 decades worth of experience working with young people in a variety of contexts, from outdoor education to high school teaching. 


We've designed the program to empower young people, particularly those at-risk youth, to take ownership of their lives & choices. We use a strengths-based approach, which means the students start the seminar by learning about what they're great at. The seminars then provide a unique opportunity to explore their natural talents and passions, and consider how they might use them to live a bigger life; a life that makes a difference for others and is truly beyondme. We also present an interactive framework for developing healthy character, or as we like to say, becoming a better human.


Outcomes you can expect for your students:

-Personalised strengths results

-The chance to process learnings in a small group with our facilitators


-Cultivating self‐awareness & a proactive attitude, at a vital stage in life


-Providing a framework for character development & attitude transformation   


-Empowerment to live a strengths based life and make informed choices regarding the future


-The challenge to live 'beyondme' and contribute to those less fortunate


The seminars are reasonably priced at $49 per student, so why not contact us today to explore the possibilities of a beyondme seminar at your school soon?


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