beyondme is committed to several long term projects as well as providing short term exposure and relief trips that give young Australians a taste of the world while also making a measurable difference to the lives of the less fortunate.


High School Seminars

Our high school seminars will be launching in 2010, aimed at helping those in their final years of high school develop self-awareness, pro-activeness and deeper insight into making future choices. These half day seminars allow students to reflect on their areas of strengths & talent, understand their own passions and motivations, develop skills for overcoming difficulties and also challenge students to make a difference in more needy parts of the world.

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Each October beyondme sends people to walk the Kokoda track, the infamous jungle trail where Australian & PNG soldiers fought the Japanese in WWII. The Kokoda Trek is a physical & emotional challenge, as trekkers learn firsthand what life is like for the people of PNG, and for the soldiers who fought and died there.

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Kokoda High School

We're working with local educators to build a fully functioning High School at Kokoda that will equip young people for a great future. Our High school team includes leading Australian educators, award-winning designers and international architects. We're committed to ensuring that the next generation of young people in this region receive quality education, and we're working with stakeholders across the nation to ensure this project gives Kokoda a great future.

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This is where it all started; a group of students and teachers went on the trip of a lifetime to Kenya, and came back with the idea to start beyondme, so others could have the same experience.

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Projects under development

We have several projects being considered to commence in early 2011. 

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