kokoda high school.

Kokoda immediately brings to mind to the values of courage, mateship, endurance and sacrifice for most Australians. However for the Kokoda locals, whose relatives fought alongside our troops, services like education and health are scarce. Despite the millions of dollars spent by Australians each year on trekking Kokoda, very little of it actually ends up being invested in Kokoda.


We're working with local educators to build a fully functioning High School at Kokoda that will equip young people for a great future. Our High school team includes leading Australian educators, award-winning designers and international architects. We're committed to ensuring that the next generation of young people in this region receive quality education, and we're working with stakeholders across the nation to ensure this project gives Kokoda a great future.


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It is essential that such a major project is delivered with the full support of locals, so we're working with local leaders to ensure the school will be well staffed, and construction be carried out with the full support of local industry. Our architects and designers are also incorporating local design & architecture into the design of the school to ensure it blends with the local environment. Our goal is a school built for locals, run by locals, for the benefit of the Kokoda community.


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