kokoda challenge.

We're off to Kokoda, hopefully sending two treks between Sept 27-Oct 10 2011. Applications and deposits are being accepted now, and close April 23rd. Fill out the form below for more info

Hiking 96 km across one of the world’s most challenging terrains is not a stroll in the bush. Bruce Campbell, Principal of Nambour Christian College has completed the track twice, and has seen the challenge faced by many walkers: what seems impossible at the start begins to seem achievable although it takes a bit of struggle. Attitudes change and an appreciation of WWII soldiers and the history of the track develops. 


“At the start we even saw one boy wanting to throw it in, but over the next four days you saw the change in them. Their attitudes changed, and we noticed that they were able to talk with one another, even singing along the track. When you hear that, you know things are going well.”

Bruce says the track is the perfect environment for relationships to grow. “We live in a society that is so

hectic and mad-paced, and sometimes you haven’t got time for other people. But when you’re living together and relying on each other to do things like river crossings, it’s different.”


Having a supportive team around you certainly helps to make it to the end, but completing the track is about endurance, strength and willpower. For teenagers entering the stressful last years of school, walking the track can be an invaluable lesson. The challenges, memories and lessons can’t be replicated anywhere else. Trekkers don't just hear about the values of Kokoda: endurance, courage, sacrifice and mateship. They experience them firsthand, a priceless learning opportunity.


The Kokoda trek is the ultimate beyondme experience, and we take teams every September & October. We're planning on taking 3 trips this year, including an adults trip for some of supporters and sponsors. The Kokoda Challenge includes all meals, accommodation, flights to & from PNG plus exclusive trek apparel. 


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