• Our organization is essentially targeted at the 15-25 age group; those who are still on a journey of self-discovery and looking to make a contribution to the world at large. Having said that we don't place age restrictions on people joining us. We have had many people over the age of 40 on both our Kokoda Challenge and on trips to Africa. However our priority is always for the emerging generations.
  • We take the welfare of young people at beyondme extremely seriously. All of our trek leaders provide references as to their suitability to work with young people, as well as undergoing police/DOCS checks. In addition all of our trek leaders have experience working with young people in other roles, as volunteers or employees.
  • Our Kokoda High School Project is our tax deductible giving presently, as we are partnering with CAF. Beyond Me doea not have tax deductable status for its day to day operations. Sponsorships are wlecome though.
  • We receive funding through a variety of sources. Our supporters club allows everyday people to contribute to our operations and administration. We receive corporate support from several organizations, with both finance and services provided. We also have a tax deductible partnership with CAF for our Kokoda High School Project.