Are you ready for something that will challenge, inspire and transform you? Become a part of our dreamlab, a unique leadership development program for young Australians. 

It's an environment that develops your potential and talent, while challanging you to make a difference for others.

At beyondme, we seek to foster innovation, altruism and character development; we also want to develop collaborative solutions to the problems that face our nation & planet. The dreamlab will accelerate young leaders, and might even help us develop new projects for beyondme.

We've worked hard to create a program that cultivates synergy between personal development and project development, so that we spend as much time developing you, as we do solving problems.

As part of the dreamLab you'll experience:

-A 6 stage process that helps you explore your personality, conflict style, talents and character, culminating in a high level of self-awareness

- A deliberate process of examining your dreams & passions and matching them with opportunities to make a difference

- A serious engagement with & exposure to current issues: the marginalized in the inner-city of Sydney, indigenous Australians and an overseas community in Kenya or Kokoda 

-Access to video mentoring from social entrepreneurs 

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