about us.


beyondme is a Social Venture challenging young people to make a difference for others. We work locally in Australia and Internationally to connect youth and young adults to sustainable projects that make a real impact at a grass-roots level. We believe young people can develop solutions to the problems of our day - the problems of disadvantage, orphans, poverty, disease & poor education can be addressed by the efforts of people who are passionate about making a difference. Living beyondme means choosing to actively participate today in what will make a difference for tomorrow. A lifelong journey starting with small steps today.

At present we work both in Australia and Overseas. Overseas, we focus on assisting local people to make a difference by providing support resources, information, exposure and manpower to help communities tackle the problems they face. We are networkers, facilitators, mentors and partners with individuals and organisations to create opportunities and deliver sustainable outcomes.

At home we focus on challenging young people to push their boundaries, pursue their passions, discover their potential and solve problems that restrict the opportunities of others. We work in High Schools, delivering a beyondme seminar that helps students to discover "me", then think about beyondme.

We also offer young Australians a Challenge Opportunity overseas each year, to take them away from the hear and now and experince some of the reality of others less fortunate. We have done this by undertaking the Kokoda Challenge in PNG and a Taste of Kenya.

We have an ambitious community education project at Kokoda, and provide assistance to Orphanages and Schools in Kenya. Why not join us, and live a bigger life.